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Musculoskeletal Injury

Physiotherapist in Toowoomba

A musculoskeletal injury doesn’t just cause pain or restrict movement - it impairs your quality of life and your freedom to do the things you love and want.

Here at The Physio, we combine world-class and innovative services with an integrated, gold-standard approach to restore that freedom so you can optimise your health and realise your full potential.

Helping individuals and families stay happy, healthy and active is why we love what we do - and why we do it very well. To get the best outcomes for our patients, we combine the latest methods in rehabilitation with those that have been used effectively for years and invest in advanced and innovative treatments not offered by anyone else in the area.

Our goal isn’t to just treat your injury or fix your problem, but to help you understand what has happened and why. This means you can make the best decisions for your recovery now and reduce the likelihood of your problem recurring in the future. Our goal is to empower you and give you the tools to optimise your health.

Our team are highly-skilled, passionate and are driven by their values and genuine desire to see the best results for our patients.
Pieter Van Kooij

Introducing Pieter Van Kooij

The Physio is led by Senior Physiotherapist, Pieter Van Der Kooij. It is Pieter’s passion for delivering superior musculoskeletal care and his strong biomechanical background that saw the conception of The Physio in 2018. Pieter’s vision is to see Toowoomba optimise their health and realise their full potential at work, in sports and in their home environments.

True to his hard-working and inquisitive nature, Pieter holds degrees in both Physiotherapy and Podiatry, alongside being a qualified Pilates instructor. When combined with over a decade of experience in both hospital and private practice settings, he is a true expert in the field and is a wealth of knowledge for both his patients and team members.

As well as being an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, Pieter is also involved in cricket, running, gym, tennis and slacklining. He has also been through multiple serious injuries from collapsing his lung and requiring surgery to car accidents and from this offers invaluable first-hand experience to recovery.
Stuart Canavan - Senior Physiotherapist of The Physio

Stuart Canavan, Senior Physiotherapist

Stu brings a wealth of unique knowledge and experience to the team, spending the last 25 years focusing on sports physiotherapy, pain science, high-performance sport and general physiotherapy practice.

Stu’s extensive experience in high-quality healthcare means that he delivers highly-detailed assessments and proven, evidence-based treatments for anyone experiencing pain. Stu particularly loves working with people who have had a persistent or recurring problem, or have previously been told there’s nothing more that can be done for their pain - and seeing them make significant leaps forward in their recovery and pain relief that they’ve never been able to do in the past. He also can assist athletes wishing to optimise their performance with advanced knowledge in this field. You don’t need to be injured or in pain to benefit from Stu’s knowledge and experience.

Getting Started

Getting Started

We understand that it can be difficult to know where to begin, whether you’re recovering from surgery, just starting (or are returning to) exercise, or are affected by injury. That’s we not only carry out hands-on treatment but equip you with the tools and education you need to make the best decisions for your care both now and in the years to come.

To begin your journey to feeling your best and realising your full potential,

What Do We Specialise In?

We offer an inclusive range of world-class services from hands-on treatments to lifestyle training and education with which makes our excellent physiotherapy care evident.